10 Back to School Tips

10 Back to School Tips

It’s that time of year again “Back to School”. Enjoy our 10 useful tips video to start your student(s) school year off successfully.
  • Tip 1, make a list of things needed for the school year and your budget.
  • Tip 2, Set your kids’ sleep schedules back to “School Time” two weeks before the first day of school.
  • Tip 3, Set the clocks forward a few minutes to make it easier to be on time.
  • Tip 4 , Make sure your kids and you have an effective alarm to wake up.
  • Tip 5, Get your kids involved in programs that they can do after school to keep them active.
  • Tip 6, Help students conquer homework and project problems. Hire a tutor when homework and projects become to challenging for you or your student.
  • Tip 7, Determine how much time is needed to complete assignments to help with time management.
  • Tip 8, Talk openly with your kid(s) about the feeling of the return to school.
  • Tip 9, Look for ways to be involved in the classroom or throughout the school this year. The PTA or PTSA is often a great start.
  • Tip 10, Have your student(s) pack their bag and put their clothes out at night before they go to bed.

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  1. Tyler Meredith | | Reply

    This is my daughter’s last year of kindergarten and I want to make sure she’s prepared for elementary next year. I really like that this video recommends simply talking to the child about how they feel about going back to school. It makes sense that this would allow them to express any concerns they have as well as provide you the opportunity to talk to them about how the year should go. Thanks for the tips; these could be very helpful for my daughter to make sure she’s happy with her schooling.

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