Congratulations to S.E.E.K. Pharmacy Students

Congratulations to S.E.E.K. Pharmacy Students

The Staff at Building Blocks Services would like to give a warm CONGRATULATIONS to our first set of S.E.E.K Pharmacy Students.

Youth ages 18-24, that held a high school diploma or GED joined together to endure our 3 month S.E.E.K. Pharmacy Training program. The program was broken into 1 month of rigorous classroom training assuring that the students understood their responsibilities and proper pharmaceutical terminologies.

After a full month of onerous classroom training, students continued their education through a 2 month paid internship. Reassuring students that they had the skills and materials need to become productive individuals working as Pharmacy Technicians.

Click here to learn more about our S.E.E.K Pharmacy Training Program

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